Thursday, June 23, 2011

Episode Six: Librarians in Pop Culture

Miyo and James are at it again! This is our first podcast in a year so we decided to devote it to a subject that is partly the reason for the hiatus. Miyo is finally a Librarian, yay!

In this episode we take a look at the many appearances of Librarians in pop culture. We examine librarian stereotypes and how they are perpetuated or challenged.

Further readings:

-You Don't Look Like a Librarian- A book that pops up at many Library conferences! Chapter 2 is devoted to Pop Culture and Librarians.
-The Hollywood Librarian-a film that examines portrayals of librarians in movies.
Spectacles-a blog that examines how pop culture views librarians.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Episode Five: The Wire Podcast (With special guest Sam Ruggieri)

Hey Everybody! I recorded this podcast with Sam quite a while ago. I originally wanted to discuss and debate the similarities and differences between Steven Soderbergh's Traffic, released in the year 2000, and HBO's The Wire, which ran from 2002-2008. However, due to our deep-seated infatuation with The Wire, the podcast turned into us mostly talking about it and what made us love it so much. Enjoy!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why "The Town" is an Action Chick-Flick

I found it odd that although on the face of it, "The Town" seems to be a guy-centric crime/drama/thriller I seemed to enjoy it much more than the two guys who were with me. James gave it a solid B and Sam gave it a "meh".

I started thinking about the reasons it appealed to me and not James and Sam. We were pretty much in agreement about the movie's flaws yet somehow I seemed to have gotten a lot more enjoyment out of the movie overall than they did. Normally I'd just chalk it up to individual differences but when I thought about what I enjoyed in the movie, it seemed to reveal a disturbing truth.

I came to the conclusion that "The Town" is actually a well-disguised chick-flick heavily tinged with many elements that naturally appeal to woman:

-Ben Affleck gets more naked than either of the two female leads. There's a lot more eye-candy for women in this movie than men, even including the nanosecond nipple shot during the millisecond stripper scene. There are a lot of shots of Rebecca Hall looking goddessy and sweet but not to the level of raw objectification palpable in Ben Affleck's work-out scene.
-One of The Ultimate Female Fantasies is meeting a man and then inspiring him through love to change and better himself. This remains a fantasy because it rarely happens. However, meeting and connecting with Hall's character is clearly the impetus for Affleck to give up his life of crime.
-That brings us to another fantasy/unlikely scenario. A romance between a hostage and her captor. Although this isn't high on the list of female fantasies it's a well-known fact that unlikely couplings are stock element of the chick-flick and romantic comedy genre.
-When presented with two competing examples of womanhood: "the floozy" played by Blake Lively and Hall's yuppie good-girl, its no contest. Affleck picks the good-girl who is definitely the girl every sister would want for her brother. I can't speak for what men want but I know there were definitely hoots of approval in our theater after Lively's "efficient" hi-and-goodbye love scene.
-Affleck lacks the sense of moral ambiguity and heartlessness that seems to characterize true action/crime thrillers. The main character never really does anything to jeopardize audience sympathy and while this isn't what defines a chick-flick it does make up the sort of fake-edgy character that women love. A gritty anti-hero who isn't very gritty at all.

I admit "chick-flick" is a little bit of a polemic label. I do believe that Ben Affeck was just trying to make a crime movie that was infused with some sensitive performances. However, thinking about all these points all together I do think it's surprising how many things about this movie seems to fall under our idea of what appeals to women. It definitely has potential as a date night movie compromise and if anything proves that gender preferences certainly blur more than we think they do.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Episode Four: Return of the Countdown

Once again, apologies for the delay, this time it was technical difficulties for realz. We had a computer die on us twice. We managed to extract the files before it died the second time but we did spend a lot of time mourning.

Anyway, sorry to those who've been on the edge of their seats these three months! Are you ready to find out what our #1 film of the 2000's are? Or do you know us so well already that you've already guessed?!?! Click below to find out!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Episode Three: Top Ten Movies of the 2000's- Part I

After a long hiatus that included many life changes: moving, graduation, swine flu, menopause (just kidding about the swine flu! AH AH AH!) Oddcast is back with part one of a two-part podcast.

Join us in counting down the top ten best movies of the last decade! Weigh in with your own top-ten lists either in the comments or e-mail us at

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Episode Two: Mostly Bonnaroo

In which we discuss:

-Valentine's Day
-Bonnaroo 2009 set list
-Why Radiohead is not like (/is better than) Coldplay

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Episode Two will be up later tonight soon! In the meantime, we'd like to apologize in advance to Cassie and Carrie. You'll see why. ;)